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There’s no body we can’t


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MOVEMENT challenges our physical body and brings focus to our breath. Our bodies were designed to move. Over time, we lose sight of this innate nature. Through MOVEMENT, our team shows you how to more deeply connect and understand your own physical intelligence. With tailor-fit coaching, you are given the opportunity to move your body, burn energy, and build strength with intention.

MOVEMENT is a highly customized fitness regimen designed for YOUR body and YOUR goals. Your trainer is specifically chosen for you, with your age, lifestyle, and consideration of other special needs, including fitness goals and injuries.

MOVEMENT sessions are twice weekly, one-hour sessions via Skype.

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Plan to experience creative fitness that is FAR from routine. Expect to be uncomfortable because discomfort is where growth lives. Our intent is to make your strong, beautiful body SWEAT, make it EXPAND, and help it to RELEASE and BREATHE. We train smart and start with the fundamentals to build a program based on your body and goals. We work with you to schedule one-on-one workouts with your trainer, twice a week. Remote sessions take place via Skype, so you’ll never have to worry about missing another workout, regardless of where you are in the world.