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“Growing is messy work.


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 The Mindfull3 approach to nutrition is not about dieting, which focuses from the outside in. Our mission is to drive wellness from the inside out, by guiding you on a path to reclaim the innate power and wisdom of your body. This process entails learning how to nourish our bodies and minds, going beyond what we put in our mouths. The tools we provide last a lifetime.

NOURISHMENT encompasses teaching and encouraging you how to create and sustain a safe space to examine your relationship with food. In this space, we support you as you heal past wounds and traumas associated with food. We provide you with the resources to integrate a deeper exploration so you may apply it to how you lead your Conscious Life. When you start to look at what you put inside your body from a perspective of healing, you learn how to approach food as a vehicle for transformation. This is a deep dive into a daily self-care practice.

We begin with a reboot of the physical body, with a targeted and largely plant-based approach, which gives the internal organs a rest. We consider your goals and special needs when co-creating your plan. We venture into the psychology of eating, and examine your cravings, unbalanced eating patterns, and the ways your relationship with food impacts your habits. You learn about mindful eating and how to listen to the needs of your body, rather than the chatter of your mind. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all meal plan approach.

You meet virtually with your nutritionist twice a month for one-hour sessions.

These calls may also be broken into 30-minute calls once a week, depending on client needs.