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a no-bullshit conversation

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PROCESS is a collaborative life coaching conversation that explores the themes of your Conscious Life. You are called into the practice of self-awareness and asked to build this muscle. We support you as you confront the fear causing your suffering and learn to call in love instead. 


As you PROCESS, we explore your inner dialogue and cultivate an awareness to RIGHT NOW. We encourage you to SHOW UP for your life, building a foundation from the ground up that harnesses the energy within you. We’re here to unleash your Truth so you can rewrite your story.  We call you out of your myopic state of mind to develop a fresher perspective, rooted in love. When you live from a place of love for your SELF and others, the answers to leading your Conscious Life become clear.

Be prepared to check your judgment at the door.

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Life coaching is NOT counseling or therapy. It is about exploring where you are RIGHT NOW and where you want to BE. We ask you powerful questions and identify challenges that cause you to be stuck or have held you back. We hold a safe space - and a mirror - to provide you with an opportunity to gain powerful realizations and achieve significant breakthroughs. You will look deeper and explore the themes of your life, we will give you the tools to navigate your journey. We may provide you with homework assignments, inquiries, and challenges to deepen your learning.  

curiosity + fierce courage + sense of humor.