Change can be beautiful, but it's messy. Our signature three month program pairs you with hand-picked wellness experts what will keep you accountable for 90 days.
Our carefully selected team of wellness professionals will guide you through a customized roadmap to redefine how you move, eat, and think, reclaiming your relationship with yourself. 

 three months to change your life.

"I eat differently, move differently, and now stand in my power and practice self care in ways I have never done before."
— Melissa Holt

This program was exactly what I needed.

"Working with this team changed my life. I’m not sure I would be the person I am today without the help of this program."
-Katie Smithson

"The best gift I've given myself - and my family."

"It is the best gift I ever gave myself. I am the strongest I have ever been physically and spiritually."
Kevin Grant

"MINDFULL3 made me feel limitless." 

"The M360 program was exactly what I needed to get started on the path to fitness and healthy living — the all encompassing programming allowed me to be immersed in a world where my mind, nutrition and body were being expertly pushed, and elevated"
Ramit S.

"Exactly what I needed." 


I created MINDFULL3 seven years ago to empower people to change their lives. I have personally experienced the power of human energy when someone is supported by experts who can help them harness it to create total transformation. You've heard all about it on the bike — come put it in practice!

The next journey
is beginning! Join us. 

What makes MindFULL³ unique and impactful is a team of people that have your back. Your team of coaches are working together to ensure that you are cared for and entirely supported as you navigate this experience. We've got you.


Email's from Jess for MindFULL³ clients only, with lifestyle tips & tricks, deep thoughts and personal stories for you to enjoy and apply as you move through the program.

jess' wisdom

2x month life coaching sessions, 45 minutes each (6 sessions total) with a Jess-approved life coach with shared journaling and email support.

monthly groups with jess

Access to 1x month, 1 hour virtual group calls (3 total) covering topics relevant to your MindFULL³ experience. For MindFULL³ clients only.

impactful life coaching

2x month sessions, 2x 60 minutes sessions and 4x 30 minute sessions with a nutritionist (6 sessions total) including custom meal plan support, shopping lists, recipes and email follow ups. 


2x week, 1 hour sessions (24 sessions total) with Jess’ hand-selected trainers and a progressive strength program written for you specifically to support your training goals. 


your three month transformation includes



3 x monthly payments of $2,799

easy and secure automatic payments

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payment plan

You’ve tried every program and plan but somehow nothing sticks.

You’re over buying into your self limiting beliefs and ready to write a new story. 

You work out regularly, but you're ready to train smarter and want a program uniquely designed for you. 

You’re feeling stuck and sluggish, and need to radically shake up your life.

tell me if you've heard this one before...

how do I know if this is right for me? 


that you are not broken, that you can have a beautiful relationship with your body

you can have a sustainable relationship with your body

Whatever you've been though, we've got you now.

I believe:

what are you waiting for?
the journey is beginning!

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